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Uninstalling the Office 15 Click-to-Run Extensibility component

August 10, 2013 144 comments

So I was trying to install some 64-bit Office products on my computer and saw the following error message. There seemed to be a 32-bit version of the Office 15 Click-to-Run Extensibility Component installed on my computer.


The Click-to-Run Extensibility Component does seamless transparent upgrades of the Office product in the back end. So there were good reasons for not removing it. But if it prevented me for installing additional features because it was 32-bit then it was time for it to go.

IMPORTANT: If you have 32-bit version of Office installed, DO NOT remove the Click-to-Run components. Office applications may stop working altogether. I was able to do this because my version of Office installation was 64-bit and this item was unrelated.

Problem was, I couldn’t find this program in the programs list in Control Panel. So I was wondering how to remove it. After digging through the registry for the installer (or uninstaller), I found the key related to it and it showed where the MSI was that installs it.


So went to that location, right-clicked on c2rint.msi and selected Uninstall. Confirmed on the Installer dialog.


That did the trick. The product was removed and so was the corresponding key in the registry. There were other products as you can see in the registry that were Click-to-Run related but since the 64-bit installer didn’t complain about these, I left them alone.


I was able to proceed with the installation of the 64-bit Office products I wanted. It may have been a remnant from an old 32-bit install. It is believed (but I can’t vouch for this) that the 32-bit version gets installed when you have preview versions of Office installed. In any case, there is a way to get it out if required. Now to see if I regret removing it eventually.

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